Bridge Street After School Program "Beyond the Bell"Top of Page

The After School Program at Bridge Street School consists of:     
  • Homework/Academic Hour
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Different Programs made available to our students (Pathways, Yoga, Nutrition Program, Soccer, Zumba, etc. )
All supervisor monitor Homework/Academic, which is an hour long period that students complete their homework for the day, reading assignments, review flash cards and work on a variety of academic activities.  Supervisors offer basic support in homework including, reading directions, providing supplies to assist in homework, and general guidance as students begin their work.  

Enrichment is also an hour long program and curriculum is based on lesson plans designed by the supervisors that meet the criteria of the program at the time.  For example, in the Sports Enrichment program, students would learn how to play basketball, run drills and perfect skills.  In a Science Enrichment class, students may learn how to build rockets, create “gak”,etc.  At this time the Bridge Street ASP has the following enrichment programs:
  • Sports/Physical Awareness
  • Cooking/Nutrition
  • Science/STEM
  • Dance/Zumba
  • Arts and Crafts   
Students will also be allowed a minimal amount of outdoor recreational time (weather permitting) each day.